11th February 2023
JUDGE  -   Poppy Wynter






all pictures are courtesy of Gareth Brown ( please credit if sharing)

I thoroughly enjoyed judging and would like to thank everyone on the Society for a lovely show.

Class 47 Post Graduate


1 ALKINRA HAD TO BE (AI) (19 months) Good length of head and foreface with correct flat skull. Well placed, neatly folded ears giving lovely terrier expression. Short back, level when moving. Well placed tail complimenting well-muscled hindquarters. Difficult to assess movement as exhibit pulled out. RBOB.


Class Open


1 SLO CH ALKINRA ENTERTAINER (2 years) Clean balanced overall outline. Well placed, neat ears and correct small, eyes. Smooth neckline sweeping into well laid-back shoulders. Well-muscled hindquarters with well let down hocks. Pleasing movement. BOB.


2 SELVINA INDIGO (2 years) Beautifully presented dog with a tight, wiry coat and neat furnishings. Good length of head, if a little broad. Well laid-back shoulders and deep but not broad chest. Long, strong thighs and well-placed tail, moved true and with drive. A little long in the back.


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