11th February 2023
JUDGE  -  
Janet Robertson


Vickers & Dams’s Jodean Mary Rose

Vickers & Dams’s Jodean Dallas

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge and for their hospitality at this well-run show. I’d also like to thank

my efficient and friendly stewards, and special thanks to the exhibitors who entered under me with their lovely dogs. All

dogs had good mouths.


P (2,1) Vickers & Dams’s Jodean Dallas. What a little showman this one is and one to watch. Fearless and with a

fabulous expression, using his ears well. Correct outlines, perfect tail set with plenty behind. RBOB, BP

O (2,1) Vickers & Dams’s Jodean Mary Rose. Smart and well balanced Black Tan bitch. Super head with correct well

placed dark eyes, and well set ears. Correct neck onto good lay of shoulders, short coupled and strong back, correct

tail. Moved well with plenty drive. BOB

Janet Robertson (Renevis


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