25th November 2017

Judge Moira Barrass (Gallondean)


all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)


Goldensand's Culawand Skip N Go Naked

Lane & Sandell Bark


Jack Russell Terriers

Puppy 3.

1st Mr & Mrs Lane & Sandell Bark- Goldsand’ s Kulawand Skip N Go Naked D 25.02.17 This masculine dog had a strong head & jaw, dark eyes & scissor bite, was very balanced in rib to loin, he was muscular in front & rear, presented in good clean coat, he had a loose pelt & was easily spanned, looked ready & fit to do a day’s work. BOB. BPIB 2nd Mr K.E, Miss A E & Mrs D J Clorley, Scales & Garbett – All Jacks Jumpin Jack Flash At Katilley (IMP ITA). D 18.02.17 another well presented dog in good condition, easily spanned with loose pelt, would have like stronger head but he is young. 3rd Ms C Price- Pantycelyn Hes a Leader Among Silkdance D 22.03.17

Junior 2

1st C Woodall- Jacktown Snow Shadow D 22.11.16 Both brother & sister presented in good clean coats, easily spanned with loose pelts, both had clean scissor bites, good muscle tone, Dog won due to handling better on the day. RBOB 2nd C Woodall – Jacktown Snow Queen B 22.11.16

Post Grad 2

1st Mrs M Fonzo – All Jacks Back To Black { ATCAU013181TA} D 07.02.16 happy

young chap who enjoyed his day out, presented in good coat, easily spanned with loose pelt, scissor bite in strong jaw, dark eyes, good muscular front & rear. 2ndMr M & Mrs M Hooley – Jackobean La Nouvelle Eve B 02.05.16 very feminine bitch presented in good coat, loose pelt & easily spanned, scissor bite, dark eyes.


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