11th February 2023
JUDGE  -   Mr David Burrage

Lark-Jones’ Boudivella Arlo

Hannington’s Boudivella Rosie


Grateful thanks to the society for their kind invitation to judge and to the exhibitors for a great entry of quality dogs and thanks to my Steward, John for keeping me on the straight and narrow.


Terrier P (2) 1 & BP, Hannington’s Boudivella Rosie: 8 month old blue bitch, generally well balanced but with a rather pronounced rise over the loin, nonetheless presenting well overall. Well constructed, with good head and neck, strong front and well sprung rib. Bright eye and alert general expression, Movement Ok. 2 Pierce’s Boudivella Maisie: 7 month old blue bitch, slightly lesser in frame and without the strength of front of 1, good dark eye and powerful jaw. Moved well.


J (2) 1 & RBoB, Withers’ Pajantick Darknite: 16 month old Blue dog of good make and pleasing general outline, nice head on strong neck running into good shoulders. Suffering a little with his ears on the days he wasn’t entirely happy but moved with a nice easy gait, driving well from the rear. 2 Lilly & Reynard’s Romainville Blue Indigo: 13 month old blue dog, a stronger, mor typical had than 1 but lost on overall balance and movement.


PG (2) 1, BoB Lark-Jones’ Boudivella Arlo: 20 month old blue dog of good size and type with a strong head and dark eyes. Well muscled front, good rib, nicely muscled back end, well balanced, providing a good outline, a harsher coat would be preferred, moved purposefully and with drive. 2, Hannington’s Mo Stor Ailin of Tatlers Jacks Clan at Boudivella (Imp NL): 20 month old blue bitch of lighter frame than 1 but in good proportion with good harsh coat, broad head and dark eye, although preferred the rear angulation of 1. Moved well enough.


O (2 1) 1, O’Grady’s Amhard Quick Sand: 4 year old, well proportioned bitch presented in fine harsh jacket with good head and strong muzzle, Well balanced throughout with straight, well boned front but not at all happy on the move.


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