11th February 2023
JUDGE  -   David Burrage




Wilford’s Redgreet Mighty Oak


all pictures are courtesy of Gareth Brown ( please credit if sharing)  

West Midland Terrier Society Open Show 11 February 2023


Grateful thanks to the society for their kind invitation to judge and to the exhibitors for a great entry of quality dogs and thanks to my Steward, John for keeping me on the straight and narrow.


David Burrage



Terrier P (1) 1, BoB & BP, Wilford’s Redgreet Mighty Oak: Beautiful well proportioned, 11 month old mustard dog still developing but with, terrific outline, well balanced all through with correct head and jaw, bright eye and a good harsh jacket. Moved true and with some verve. Being a little tardy with my critiques I was delighted to watch him take the dog ticket at Crufts


J (2 1) 1 Drake & Kurg’s Etsill Mykillkvi with Tollcross: 13 month old pepper dog, good head and expression, movement a little languid on the day.


PG (2) 1 Bell’s Reidswire Flower of Yarrow: 20 month old pepper bitch well balanced with pleasing outline and kind expression. Nice head on good neck and shoulders, correct topline and good harsh coat. Solid, muscular movement. Would welcome tidier presentation. 2 Cundall’s Diddimont Bella Trix of Bleaklee: 2 year old mustard bitch of good outline and niceexpression, moved with determination but preferred the jacket of 1


O (2 2)



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