12th February 2022
JUDGE  -   Felicity Snook


Best of Breed
Ch Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM/ShCex

Mrs L & Mrs L England and Burrage


Best Puppy
Pajantick Berty Wooster NAF

Miss AB Bishop

all pictures are courtesy of Rob Jones ( please credit if sharing)

1. Bishop’s Pajantick Bertie Wooster NAF. A very promising puppy with a good mouth. Black in colour but has two years to change. Good length of head, with black nose. Correct cylindrical type body rising slightly to well arched loin. Strong, muscular hindquarters enabling him to move with propulsion when settled. BEST PUPPY.
Neither Cesky very outgoing on the day.
1. Burrage’s Sametova Bacary. Breed type was more evident in this dog. Correct, well- proportioned head with slightly arched skull. Super ears carried close to cheeks. Elegant neck into lovely well laid shoulders. Nicely shaped cylindrical type body, rising slightly over loin. Well-muscled and presented in good coat. Moved OK. RESERVE BEST OF BREED.
2. Pearson’s Zvonenka Hamentashen at Winoski (Imp Cze). Not showing her best on the day. Correct head and good ear placement. Nice tail set, carried well.
OPEN (5)
1. England & Burrage’s Ch Ashleyheaths Black Thunder ShCM ShCEx. What a showman and show off! Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Absolutely wonderful and matched the breed standard exactly. Super head and ear set. Straight, strong-boned forelegs. Lovely body, well sprung ribs, with rise over the loin, producing a well-muscled, rectangular outline. Presented in top condition. Moved like a dream, briskly and vigorously, with plenty of propulsion. I was disappointed he did not do better in the ‘big ring,’ but there were lots of top-quality dogs there. BEST OF BREED.
2. Burrage’s Komidion Prima Donna of Sametova. A very nice bitch. Good head, shoulders and straight forelegs, giving a lovely rectangle profile. Propulsive movement. I felt the different tail set and carriage detracts. Good textured coat.
3. Taylor’s Oural Du Champ D’Eole (Imp Fra).
4. Pearson’s Placido Musical Mission at Winoski.
5. Halling’s Grancek Slavny Sandor.

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