12th February 2022
JUDGE  -   Christine Soper


Seveek Everlasting Dream

owned by
Mrs J Keeves

Briselaw Caol ila

owned by
Mr A & Mr RA Rumens and Felters




Cairn Terrier
Puppy. (3 entries )
1st. Felters & Rumens: Birselaw Caol Ila. (B) Just 6 months old on the day of the show. Red brindle, feminine head with good stop, neat ears carried well, dark eyes, good scissor bite. Nice length of neck, good lay back of shoulders into level top line, well set on tail. Little excited when first moved but soon settled. Showed well for her handler. BP.

2nd. Lucas & Tobutt: Seveek Country Lad.(D) Wheaten brindle dog. Unsettled on the table. Good head, dark eyes, neat ears, correct bite. Moved OK. 3rd. Keeves: Seveek Guilded Dream (D)

Junior. (1 entry)
1st. Keeves: Seveek License To Dream. (B) Red brindle, neat ears, dark eyes, correct bite. Level topline, in good coat. Movement OK once she had settled.

Post Graduate (3 entries)
1st. Keeves: Seveek Carry On The Dream (D) Red brindle. Neat ears, dark eyes. Correct bite. Level top line, well set on tail. Moved well for handler.

2nd. Munday: Lentrica Mystic Warrior (D) Dark brindle, thick heavy coat. Larger than 1, upto size. Nice expression with neat ears, dark eyes & correct bite. Preferred the movement of 1 today.

3rd. Bingham: Carradine Bumbling Boris:(D)

Open. (2 entries)
1st. Keeves: Seveek Everlasting Dream (B) Dark brindle, in good coat. Nice expression, well set neat ears, dark eyes, deep stop, correct bite. Level topline with well set on tail. Moved well both ways. BOB

2nd. Felters & Rumens: Landbuck La Voix (B) Wheaten brindle, Feminine head, correct bite. Laid back shoulders, level topline, good tailset. New coat coming through. Didn't move as well as 1 today, little unsettled. RBOB.

Judge Christine Soper (Elitecharm)

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