14th NOVEMBER 2009

JUDGE  Mr M Walshaw (Janmark)

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Owned by 
MR P & Mrs D Kiernan & Liu



Rathsrigg Millrace

Owned by 
Walters & Mitchell


Junior (4,1)
1. Hyde’s, Gnejnabay Chocko Pops. 15 mth old, well balanced, up to size liver dog. In good coat, well off for bone & well muscled up. Good powerful masculine head, well filled beneath correct eye, well placed thin ears, good mouth, large teeth, good length of neck, leading into well laid shoulders. Chest deep &flat ribbed, good topline which he kept when on the move, however did not move positively & would prefer more drive from the rear. Was proud of his tail at times. 
2. Walters & Mitchell’s, Rathsrigg Millrace.7 mth old blue dog. Up to size for age & doesn’t need to grow any more. Good length to height ratio, with plenty of bone & a thick blue jacket. Good bite, dark eye & well placed thin ears. Typical puppy movement, playing his owner up both on the table & on the move, he did however enjoy his day.
3. Worrall’s, Bisbee Everlasting Life with Bluesmurf.

Post Grad (1).
1. Lacey’s, Bowling Brook my Blue Heaven. Blue bitch. pleasing femine head, good eye & correct bite, good neck & looked well in profile with a nice arch over loin, coat on the turn, but still holding colour. Pasterns long & sloping. Rather erratic in movement.

Open (3).
1. Kiernan & Liu’s, Bisbee Boy Wonder. Blue Dog. This dog looked the part when entering the ring & did nothing to disappoint me when going over him. He presented a eye filling profile on the table, his head is deep & with rounded skull, well filled under a small dark eye. White silky top knot, with thin well laid filbert shaped ears. Long tapering kneck leads into well placed shoulders. Nice arch over loin & well set tail, carried correctly. Body masculine & muscular. Hindquarters muscular with correct angulation. Nice hare foot. Coat just coming back in. Moved stylishly & effortlessly around the ring on the day. Handled & presented to perfection. BOB & Best in Show.
2. Hyde’s, Gnejnabay Madam Dominica. Liver bitch, with good length to height ratio, who excels in head. Skull narrow & deep, good bite with big teeth, with nice fine ear. Well off for bone & muscular yet feminine. She is balanced on the move depicting a nice outline. Deep chest with a natural arch over loin. Well set tail & good Hares foot. A little erratic in front & rear movement on the day & never seemed to settled.
3. Lacey’s, Bowling Brook my Blue Heaven

Judge: Mark Walshaw (Janmark).

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