11th February 2023
JUDGE  -  
Janet Robertson




Woolytop Leading Lady

Owned by




Baron IronBlood



all pictures are courtesy of Gareth Brown( please credit if sharing)

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge and for their hospitality at this well-run show. I’d also like to thank

my efficient and friendly stewards, and special thanks to the exhibitors who entered under me with their lovely dogs. All

dogs had good mouths.


J (2,1) Crichton’s Baron Ironblood. Dark blue 1 year old male in good condition. Super head with a gentle expression

and small bright eyes. Head carried high on his long neck. Front ok, flat ribbed, tail set ok, kept roach on the move.

Moved well coming.

PG (1) Martin Impey’s Silverkinn Wittlesbach Gem. Lovely feminine expression, good head proportions with a silky topknot. Straight forelegs. Would prefer a deeper chest, nice tuck up, correct tail set. Showed well.

O (5,1) 1Baldwin’s Woolytop Leading Lady. What a super class with dogs that could change places very easily. I liked

this smaller bitch with her graceful lithe elegance. Everything seemed in proportion. Typical head, excellent horseshoe

front, deep chest that was broad, with a beautiful underline and correct roach, good tail set and nicely angulated rear

quarters. Lovely light and springy movement. BOB 2 Kinns’s Kinnuva Dark Sleekster. Liver dog who was well muscled

and showed well. Nice head proportions, good front, slight rise over the loin, good tailset, well angulated rear quarters

with strong well let down hocks.RBOB

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