11th February 2023
JUDGE  -   Janet Robertson






Hampton and Hall






all pictures are courtesy of Gareth Brown ( please credit if sharing)

Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge and for their hospitality at this well-run show. I’d also like to thank

my efficient and friendly stewards, and special thanks to the exhibitors who entered under me with their lovely dogs. All

dogs had good mouths.

P(4,3) Toulson’s Toulsyork Tiger Lilly. Very promising 9 month old bitch with a lovely outline. Feminine head with correct

proportions, well filled fore face, dark eyes, powerful jaws. Not using her ears, but should come with confidence. Good

neck, level back, well constructed front, straight well boned legs, good depth of chest for age, good rear angulation.

Moved well. Good coat.

J (3) 1 Richardson’s Muliebrity Ripples with Airechien. Won this class with her lovely topline and deep chest. Good head

but would prefer better ear placement. Good reach of neck, nice tight jacket, good rear angulation, moved well. 2 Rust’s

Jokyl Power Lady. Smaller bitch than 1 but nicely constructed with everything in proportion. Clean neck of moderate

length, strong forequarters, well ribbed. Lovely tail set with plenty behind.

PG (3) Toulson’s Toulsyork Taylor Made. 9 month quality male. Masculine head with correct ear placement and used

them well. Correct neck, short coupled and good depth of chest. Excellent bone, powerful quarters with muscular

thighs and well let down hocks. Good coat. Litter mate of puppy bitch but overall was more mature and showed better.

RBOB,BP. 2 Richardson’s Glentops Naught But Nice. Good sized friendly bitch. Very feminine head of good

proportions. Correct neck, front assembly and rear angulation. Moved ok. Grizzle jacket, not in as good condition as 1.

O (2,1) Hampton & Hall’s Muliebrity Ocean Bay. This is an elegant attractive bitch but would like a little more substance

all through. Oozes femininity especially on the move. Keen expression, used ears well. Super length of neck, level back

which I would have liked to have been shorter. So well angulated in rear with hocks well let down. Moved effortlessly

showing off her powerful quarters. Great ring presence and very attentive to her handler. BOB


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